What type of electronic cigarette to use for our CBD E-Liquids

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What type of electronic cigarette to use for our E-Liquids CBD?

Our products are compatible with all electronic cigarettes on the market. It is important to note that if you opt for the 100% VG it is better to choose E-Cigarettes designed for this and that will give you an optimal experience. The Aspire brand also offers adapted models.

What is the ideal temperature for vaping our E liquids? (case of adjustable electronic cigarettes)

The temperature range in which all components evaporate is between 157 and 220 degrees Celsius. The recommended wattage is 30 watts maximum. Note that these parameters represent the optimal way to consume our E Liquid but classic e-cigs will already give a result more than appreciable, so it is not necessary to invest in particular equipment if you do not want it.

Do I have to mix the E liquid CBDvap?

Our wide range of variants means that you do not need to mix, our E liquids are designed to be steamed as is.

However you can always add propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

The recommended minimum dosage is 50mg CBD per 10 ml of liquid E.

Concretely if you add 10ml of PG / VG mixture to a liquid CBDvap E 200 mg in 10ml you get a dosage of 100mg per 10ml, 200mg for 20 ml.

What are the Eliquide CBDvap compounds?

Our E Liquids CBD are composed of Glycerin either 100% or 50% Vegetable Glycerin 50% Propylene Glycol according to your desires.

The vegetable glycerin used is an organic and natural product. The main feature of Vegetable Glycerin is to produce a large vapor cloud during vaping.

Propylene Glycol is characteristic of it, because it is more flavor-bearing and gives a slight 'hit' when vaping. A hit is a sensation in the throat that resembles the inhalation of cigarette smoke.

Our CBD base is the result of a complex and probably unique process developed in a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our basic extraction is a CO2 extraction allowing to produce concentrates belonging to the purest products of the market while preserving all the components of the plant including CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN

Is it possible to make E-liquid CBD 100% VG more liquid?

Our optional E-liquid 100% VG can be made less viscous and therefore more liquid by approaching a heat source such as a radiator for example. It should be known that vegetable glycerine has the property of becoming more liquid with heat and conversely with the cold. If you have for example leave your package a few days in your mailbox to the cold winter, it is advisable to put the bottles at room temperature before consumption, so that the E-liquid is more easily vaping.

Which dosage should I not exceed?

Studies in particular US announce that no side effect was put forward. The studied dosages up to 1500mg of CBD per day.

How to use our E-liquid CBD DIY?

Our E-Liquids CBD DIY are designed so that you can develop your own E Liquids CBD with the flavors of your choice. You always benefit from CBDvap expertise and quality, but with the choice of your aromas.

Our ranges are in 2%, 4% and 5%, ie for 100ML you can benefit from products with 2000, 4000 and 5000 mg CBD. Different variations are also available.

Concretely if you buy a base at 5% CBD 100 ML you can make the equivalent of 10 bottles of 10ml 500MG CBD or 50 bottles of 100mg CBD etc.

To dilute these DIY CBD E-Liquids, you can add either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (or both) and your favorite flavors.


To make a bottle of 200mg CBD in 10ML, starting from one of our bases to 5%, you will have to take 4ML of this base and add 6ml of propylene glycol and / or vegetable glycerine, without forgetting your aromas.

How to dilute our CBD crystals?

2 things are important to know for a good dissolution of the crystals.

First: For an easy dissolution, it must be done in a base or eliquide with a high level of PG (80/20 PG VG for example), the PG is really what makes it possible to dilute the crystals. Second point the heat also helps the dissolution, ideally a lukewarm eiquid will significantly accelerate this dissolution. It is advisable to begin the dilution of the crystals in pure PG, wait until the dissolution is complete, and then add vegetable glycerin. In terms of dosage it is not advisable to dissolve more than 500mg of crystals per 10ml because the dissolution will be more difficult to perform except from an eliquid with a very high level of PG type 90/10 or 100% PG. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to answer your questions. The CBDvap team