Loyalty program - CBDVap

Your loyalty is rewarded !

Earn points on all your

shopping and enjoy discounts on

your next orders!

You earn loyalty points:

The principle is simple:

1 loyalty point corresponds to 10 € of purchase.


50 euros of purchase give 5 points fidelity.

What are the advantages of this loyalty program?

Thanks to your purchases, you benefit from discounts.

10 loyalty points allow you to benefit from a 5 € discount.

As an example, here are the discounts you can benefit from depending on the number of loyalty points:

100 points accumulated allows you to benefit from 50 € discount.

500 points accumulated allows you to benefit from 250 € discount.

How it works ?

Earn points

For each of your orders, the number of loyalty points you can earn is displayed. Your loyalty points will be credited to your account as soon as the payment is validated!

The points acquired are calculated on the total TTC of the order, excluding postage.

You will be informed by email of obtaining your discounts thanks to your loyalty points.

To view your points balance, log in to the "My Account" menu.

Discounts are released in increments of 10 points

You have a discount and want to use it?

At the order confirmation step, click "on" Convert loyalty points to discount "... The amount corresponding to your discount will be automatically deducted from the total amount of your order (excluding postage).

Terms of use

Your points are valid for 18 months from the last order placed on our shop.