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Résines CBD, CBG, Wax

Résines CBD, CBG, WaxDécouvrez nos nouvelles résines de CBD de qualité premium ! Black, Brownie, H35 ainsi que nos cristaux et wax 90% cannabinoďdes!

Natural CBD E liquid

Natural CBD E liquidCannabidiol Natural Full Spectrum E-Liquids with Cannabis Terpenes
For each of our suppliers, different methods are used to develop our natural CBD E-Liquids.
Our CBD E-Liquids are made from a CBD full spectrum base (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN) to which are added the organic terpenes profiles of the different lines presented, the% of CBD and the composition being then adjusted.

Our terpenes
The natural / organic terpenes used correspond precisely to those present in each plant. The flavor is therefore close, although it can not be completely identical given the absence of THC and combustion.
Our entire Cannabidiol E-Liquid range, combining CBD, CBG, CBDA and Terpene, guarantees the Entourage Effect, terpenes having their own properties

Natural CBD Vape Juice DIY

Natural CBD Vape Juice DIYOur E-Liquids CBD DIY are available in 100% VG or 50% VG 50% PG according to your desires.
These cost-effective bases are made from full-spectrum extracts from hemp plants grown in Europe.
The concentrates are obtained by extraction with CO2 but not only, transformation into E-liquid base with high percentage of phytocannabinoide is then operated in laboratory.
Through this process the taste molecules are slightly attenuated which allows you to add your aromas or use these bases as they are, you will discover a light and pleasant natural taste of hemp.

The varieties of hemp grown to make these extracts are mainly Carmagnola and Fedora.

Fruity Flavors CBD Vape Juice

Fruity Flavors CBD Vape JuiceE-Liquid CBD fruity flavors produced from a selection of permium aromas.

These Cannabidiol E-Liquids are made from extracts containing the Full Spectrum of the plant but with the taste molecules, otherwise called terpenes, slightly attenuated. This allows us to add a selection of the best flavors.
Good taste of coconut, fruity aroma of pineapple, the sweet taste of raspberry, fresh mint taste, the sweetness of a juicy peach and many more, come and discover our high quality flavors made from artificial flavors.
Like CBD E-Liquids with cannabis terpenes, these products are available in the following compositions: 100% VG (vegetable glycerin) or 50% VG and 50% PG (propylene glycol) in 10 and 30ml format.

E Liquid CBD Mood Changer

E Liquid CBD Mood ChangerOur range of E-Liquid CBD with specific effect 'Mood changer' is an exclusive collection of CBD Vape Juice with for each of the terpenes selected for their specific characteristics and effects.
This range currently includes 4 E-liquid CBD in dosage 3 and 5%, Dream +, Relax +, Zen + and Spirit +.
These E-Liquids are elaborated in Full Spectrum.

Full Spectrum CBD Drops

Full Spectrum CBD DropsFull Spectrum CBD Drops (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN).
Available in 4% 10% and 15% Cannabidiol
These products are derived from the extraction of hemp plants grown on organic farms in Europe.