E Liquid CBD Mood Changer

CBDVap immerses you in the world of terpenes!

Come and discover our range of E-Liquid CBD specific 'Mood changer' products from a selection of terpenes allied to our CBD Full Spectrum base.

This range currently includes 4 E-liquid CBD in dosage 3 and 5%, Dream +, Relax + Zen + and Spirit +

Terpenes are extremely widespread in plants, trees, fruits, it is in a way their molecules of taste providing very diverse properties.

These E-Liquids are primarily intended to provide well-being, they are not drugs, no artificial flavor is added, no additives, only our base Full Spectrum Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene glycol (or Full Vg) which are added terpenes.
These E-liquids are not drugs. They have not been designed to prevent or treat any disease.