Fruity Flavors CBD Vape Juice

E-Liquid CBD fruity flavors produced from a selection of permium aromas.

These Cannabidiol E-Liquids are made from extracts containing the Full Spectrum of the plant but with the taste molecules, otherwise called terpenes, slightly attenuated. This allows us to add a selection of the best flavors.
Good taste of coconut, fruity aroma of pineapple, the sweet taste of raspberry, fresh mint taste, the sweetness of a juicy peach and many more, come and discover our high quality flavors made from artificial flavors.
Like CBD E-Liquids with cannabis terpenes, these products are available in the following compositions: 100% VG (vegetable glycerin) or 50% VG and 50% PG (propylene glycol) in 10 and 30ml format.